A product of ours exclusively made for educational institutions
to solve the arduous and
muddling task of preparing
question papers!

How QuestMan works?

Initially, all questions and their corresponding answers are fed into QuestMAN. Parameters such as course, topic etc is also provided. Additionally each new question must be tabbed as easy, moderate or difficult based on the challenge it presents.

Each question paper may possess a different format and in order to achieve the right mixture of questions an examiner simply has to provide the correct parameters that concur with each type of question.

To design a question paper the examiner begins by providing the required parameters and based on the input provided. QuestMAN's crawler algorithm, pulls together individual question to form a complete question paper satisfying the pattern parameters. Automatic selection of random questions eliminates the need for manual intervention. As the question paper comes into being, a corresponding answer key is also generated. This ensures that the overall assessment is valid and students are awarded the right marks for their answers. These question papers are then stored in a ready to print format where only an authorized personnel can access it by entering valid login credentials. This selective restriction of access helps to keep malpractices on check.


  1. Obliterates any disputes that may arise regarding the confidentiality of an examination.
  2. Reduces the involvement of scrutiny and review committees.
  3. Efficiently uses questions in the question bank.
  4. Ensures quality and consistency of the question paper.
  5. Consists of enhanced algorithms that give defined weightage to different study topics/modules.
  6. Zero Question Repetition or topic biasing.
  7. Eliminates the task of answer key preparations.
  8. A fitting replacement to time consuming and medieval methods.


  1. Unique and Enhanced user experience through smart interface that supports equations, tables, images etc in questions.
  2. Bulk upload of questions.
  3. Easy reuse of Questions across different syllabus.
  4. Constraint specific Question Paper Pattern Design.
  5. Password Protected question papers in a ready to print format with answer key.
  6. Role based access control.